Xianhu _1705

Coke fly the fencing amazing, eight are pre-escape, with his invisible sword, this is the other end exquisite demon king has been practicing to the point of undead footer, can not lock the shenfa coke fly. But it has become chaotic one, the exquisite demon king who died went extraterritorial Omen also enough of thousands, and the remaining and extraterritorial demons do not dare to continue to pounce the Tianchen disciples also did not dare to stay long in this chaotic vitality violent, you demon king, under the command of a group of the withdrawal of this killing field. The other end of the exquisite demon and see or not able to kill the coke fly, not without regret closing spell, this spell is incredibly powerful, consuming Yaoqi also very amazing. Just ten Hutchison colorful brilliance have enough the thousand exquisite the demon to lose systemic Mana. Coke flying at such a violent chaotic vitality, and magic hook from the bible let go, I do not know how many chaotic vitality sucked camera inside. This chaotic vitality non Lianqi Guests can warbler Yu, but 000 gas source such vitality, with original open up the power. Attachment to the stars, is the power of the stars, attached to the five elements, will be of the five elements of power,burberry outlet online, dependent vegetation, ore, fine iron, then each evolution after evolution after Lianqi disabilities before closing photo, refining. Conceived among the stars innate treasure, with or without molding, original quality are an chaotic vitality, therefore the Chushan teach the talent to win a using innate thing nurtured in these stars, the evolution of the chaotic vitality , opened up of all days Xuanming policy in the world. However the exquisite demon king kill these extraterritorial demons, the Tianchen sent monks, the chaotic vitality, and not on the ten-thousandth time in siderite Star received that the origin of the god of iron, the first properly refining into what The magic wand is impossible, but to mention well with the power of the magic wand, but it is a great benefit, although. Coke fly monasticism also some years waiting, but I do not know these secrets behind all income to the hook from the day the book, although these chaotic vitality, nor can hook from the bible to enhance the quality, and allows the hook from the bible within the space in these the chaotic vitality expansion becomes twice as big. Jiao Fei looked the hook received from the bible photo chaotic vitality, faster and faster, and also no signs not support, they did not want to control the matter. To be too chaotic vitality of the side-yao domain are more than half hook from the bible close photo, less than half, and Plough atmosphere braided together, can also be converted to other vitality gradually dispersed. Focus fly this constant lower mood, looking at those demons extraterritorial vanity secretly shocked, speculation and said: “original these extraterritorial Omen, there is such a powerful role. These exquisite demon became climate than other demons difficult to deal with more. “those extra-territorial demons to attack so many times, and seems to know this time breaking the defense do not yao Chen camp, will be under the command of the head of demon king, slowly withdraw from the battlefield, so the main stars and self-calm down. . The four hundred twenty-three stars armored beast Jiao Fei merit the most prominent! Not only rescued 100 Yutian Chen sent Dan into disciples Although these disciples later mostly exquisite demon king bombers kill, coupled with his hook from the bible infinite mystery coke fly the hands of the powerful, “seems to” not lose any of the Lianqi ninth floor warm and nourish the realm of the disciples. After World War II to be obtained,cheap toms, Ye Tianpeng find a coke fly, the attitude becomes graciously entrusted the task than the last heavier. Side Tianyu only a Lianqi ninth floor warm and nourish the disciples, a war just exquisite demon king kill many effective with the door, let Ye Tianpeng some stretched deficit, there is a focus to fly, he put it anti distinguish between a half men Tianchen sent his disciples also divided in half in the past.
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