Tomb of God _299

“Enough arrogance, However mad the capital.” Two masked warrior from behind Yanwu field stands at the entrance to turn out, momentum is showing two apparently have already reached the second realm, two blocked exports. Chen Nan sighed, and said: “Is it a one out of this, two other people also come out.” Two magician since secretly go out and just that the two stood together. In this way, a total of eight people before and after the Chen Nan caught in the middle of the Yanwu field. The four magicians floating in the air, began to gather the magical energy, four Warrior approached slowly,toms for cheap, began to put together the skill, forced to go south to Chen. Has demonstrated the strength of eight people out in three of the four magicians in order state, one has reached the second realm. Four Warrior are practicing Western vindictive, two in the first-order realm, and the other two have reached the second realm. Five first-order master, three second-order master forces together amazing strength. Another magician with Warrior complement each other, and this combination is the most terrible, the offensive and defensive strength of substantial growth. How can we allow such eight-order master united strength lightly, Chen Nan,toms outlet, if not recent repair Dajin been a hasty retreat. Given encountered several siege, his repair into pain effort doors need to the tyrannical skill to be able to cast his secrets to success in exercising his mind at the moment is assured, it is no match for he can make use of the the God false step escape. God false step mysticism extremely make a mobile speed lightning, suitable scrimmage, more suitable for the escape, the legend reaches the highest state can be ground into the sky, the Royal Air flight. No moral to tell with these killers, Chen Nan armed with long knives asked the masked men rushed the injured, as fast as lightning, and his eyes blink rushed. All masked men were very surprised, did not expect Chen Nan took the initiative, and fast feel incredible, reminding us of scenes ghosts in general, feet like floating up from the ground. Hastily launched the magic of the magician in the air, also hurried to rescue the remaining three Warrior. But the Chen Nan speed really fast, God false step worthy of ancient and marvelous footwork, instantaneously rushed to the front of the masked men, shot ruthless, long knives coldness flash, a dazzling light flashing while too, Daoqi, rushed into the masked man’s body. The sword in the hands of the masked men has not been lifted, they issued a scream, fell down. Dao Qi although not really a he ripped, but the large area Daoqi through the body into the room, had destroyed many of his meridians, he’s a skill almost completely pass away. Not a masked man is not strong enough to cultivation, only because not long ago in the square outside the Chen Nan pierced the left rib cage, weight Chong in the body, coupled with the Chen Nan just the speed is too fast, so it fell down face to face. Chen Nan body such as an electro-optical general, leaving a blur quickly returned to the original place, from the skies Pila under Road, a few magic attacks all come to nothing, quickly rushed to the three Warrior vain shot. Their skills so that these masked men suck down a cold lump, this is simply too horrible, not yet really grips them easy to fold out one. Laborious climb a masked man fell to the ground, silent walk to the over-the-counter. Chen Nan has not stopped him, he knew just the power of the blow, if there is no miracle occurs, then the individual is destroyed the meridians is difficult to recover him in this life, I am afraid that no longer difficult to step into the world of cultivation.
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