Tomb of God _237

Zhang blood dragon mouth, bare dense white teeth, to lunged ferocious Chen Nan, two stout and strong front paws to grab his black, sharp Juzhua to foot Banzhang, coldness flashing, breathtaking. The small Houye sitting in the dragon’s back grinning, his hands holding a Western-style sword, fiercely Cleave from south to Chen, Janus excited cyan vindictive bright shining, Lengsen pressing. The face of a violent impact,toms outlet, Chen Nan can not trust, changed hands Wojian, Broadsword him high over his head. Original bleak Janus brighter in an instant, and the golden light filling on top of the sword body, the broadsword like with life generally fibrillation send bursts of song. A ten feet the how long Jianmang straight-on, wear air Jianqi dazzling edge. The piercing sound like a metal cross hit the sonorous sound of breath through the hair with one death. “Roar” the huge the dragon roar tsunami of sound on top of the square, Zhen the all ears Weng Weng do ring, dragon blink of an eye they rushed to the eyes of Chen Nan. Chen Nan hard to hew out a sharp matchless bright Jianqi, and small Houye collision with to Pilai the grudge, broke out in a mass of dazzling light. Then he like lightning move backward twenty feet distance, leaving in place a blur. Dragon swooped down claw grasping empty, the harsh grip in the ground, the two Banzhang deep hole appeared in the square above the earth shudder. Chen Nan sky, jump to thirty feet emptiness cite broadsword down Mengpi to. The dragon swing upward impact into the sky, two Banzhang long horns went to Chen Nan top, at the same time inspire small Houye hand sword bright the grudge and also to the Chen Nan impact away. Chen south force roared loudly: “chop!” The Xeon Tai forces fluctuations in the square, such as wave-surging, the Chen Nan in the hands of Broadsword broke out in a group of brilliant light than the sun, a nearly twenty feet The long real Jianqi such as Changhong days, over Jingxian Square. Fluctuations in the forces of terror, and graciousness in every inch of space, over-the-counter practitioners of all spectators feel oppressively surge of suffocation, great pressure is heavy as Mount Tai, the weight of their breath. This is the power of the vast sword has been exhausting Chen Nan best, this is he able to cast out the vast sword. Strong blow to make the dragon felt fear, small Houye face became pale, set general skill above in the hands of Sword engaged on. “H” dazzling light, such as the 10th Yiu empty, every inch of space on the Square are extremely bright, surging energy flow were rampant. Cry miserable Longxiao presence sounded shrill roar was deafening, Black Dragon writhed sky from down waves of blood from aerial spraying. Until the time of the venue to restore calm, you can see the two Banzhang long bloody dragon horn the cast falls square on top of, the whole piece has been raging Square the horrendous impact of the flow of energy, full of potholes,toms for cheap. The Chen Nan in the hands of Broadsword unbearable carrying substance of Jianqi have been completely cracked under the impact of the huge forces. Black Dragon growled in midair mournful sorrow constantly churning, small Houye mouth hung bloodstains, desperately clutching the reins of the dragon body. Guolehaojiu Black Dragon had calmed down, it is not only double angle Chen Nan cut off the head above is Pichu a Banzhang the how long the terror wound, bloody continued emission can even see the dense bones.
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