Tomb of God _211

White bunny, fat wild boar, strong build sika deer, black wings of starlings chieftains in the vast new generation of Kunlun Mountains trickster addition, there are a few monsters chieftains, but not here. That Chen Nan pleasantly surprised, did not expect the front of this guy backing could be such a big. Can imagine, they must have in the Kunlun Mountains in practice for thousands of years, for the understanding of the ancient for cents heritage and certainly more than the others. He tried all sorts of ways, good words spoken, some secret you want to know about this several monster mouth. But the few monsters are like bent, refuses to talk about the matter, just to observe every day to him about it. It took another two days, Chen Nan suddenly remembered the old kamikaze College teachers Ziyi elderly Yanglin have reminded him and want him to go back in five days, do not delay too long, because four Academy warm-up match is about to begin. Calculate the day, today is the 25th, four college Interaction fact that the strong warm-up match in today. Not so much whether the College of the kamikaze fiasco has nothing to do with me, Associate Dean go Kuba Even though thousands of important things, but also not Yuxin drip message. “Since the 5th, Chen Nan tried the way, but still did not find a way to be able to enter the La Floret. Looked at the self-Valley slowly flowing out of the creek, his eyebrows deep Organisation. Fish in the water is not able to free access to La Floret, but the water was. This seems to indicate, at the ancient for Sin survivor and contains five elements of a large array, at least there is this element of “water” in the five elements. For tactical deployment, fan had covered, but not how proficient La Floret ban, there is no way. La Floret Xianqi dense, covered with a layer of mystery to the scene inside the light yarn. Chen Nan Hope Valley Ertan, a million years ago, the secret of the best in the Valley, he just Shu Shibu away, but he could not go, can not know the truth. Since ancient times, Unlucky, goodness, innocence Yuxin order to be able to survivors, but unfortunately the closing of La Floret. Lengthy Wanzai years drifted dies, La Floret in accordance with in, while the roots of it? In fact, Chen Nan understand, even if the original Yuxin able to survive, they can no longer meet each other, how the world who is able to resist the Wanzai merciless years? Pursue this,toms outlet, perhaps just to check it out, looking for a trace of comfort. Even Chen war magic Babel, applied to seal in his mind is not able to stop him Yuxin miss. Whenever his mood swings, will recall the bits and pieces of the past million years ago, all will continue to emerge in his heart. Yuxin On his deathbed, the plaintive words of intermittent, Chen Nan impression too deep, and seems to have been rooted in his soul the deepest, which is e war coupled with the seal of his soul can not play much role The most important reason. “Is it really no way to go in?” Chen South meditation. Chen war with matchless skill guide nine days of lightning, the power of heaven and earth closed La Floret can say La Floret Chen war Guards force trigger ancient cents ban forced closed. If you want to open, the only two ways: First, understand Destroys or into the array of the law, calmly go,toms outlet. Second, with the matchless skill, destroyed broke into the array. These two methods, Chen Nan is not the reality, he was against the law not very proficient Second, he did not have early Provisional cents the Wu realm of strength. “Do not wait for the the broken arms Nether day to be able to go in this?
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