Tomb of God _170

On the road, although not a kamikaze faculty follow you, but I am assured, your strength to cope with any emergencies. Kevin said: “Dean adults rest assured that we will hit the ground running.” Dragon Dance smiled and said: “President Can we multi hovering in the State of Jin few days,burberry outlet online?” Oh, you can. Rare opportunity I approved you can stay for some time, but do not delay too long. “the crowd cheered, the most pleased, of course, than the dragon dance, her hometown, she would presumably ran back home and their families some . When everyone sit three dragon ready to go to Sin Wu College, the baby dragon Diao live Chen south sleeves, how not to let it go away, and finally he just will he side-tracked it back. Everyone laughing, Associate Dean look great changes, he did not want his eyes dragon sudden, what has gone wrong. Chen Nan dragons have a crush on him, but I never thought it turned out so dependent on his any of his thinking about how not to understand the key. The baby dragon Stop it, play with you later today, I’m going far away. “Small shaking his head does not agree,” whining “called a few times. Chen Nan felt a little strange, and asked: “Do you have to follow to go with me?” Pleased dragons nodded, her large eyes blink blink, full of excitement and color. The vice president of a face green. He can not have this little devil cents Wu College, in case there Chuangxia disaster, this account will head count in the College of kamikaze. Chen Nan to see the vice president of the way, how would not know what he was thinking, head he patted dragons, said: “I said,toms for cheap, not, it needs that bastard old man consent to it.” Dragons Associate Dean blinked, then “babbling” called out. Vice president of creepy, last dragons chasing the tragic experience of the mad child, so that he will never forget. He did not want the presence of these students dragons horrendous bombardment, and if it could have happened, he really is not as good as the first one killed. “Well, Chen kid on the road you can Do not mess with Amy angry ah.” Vice president of words have meaning, intended to remind Chen Nan Road constraints dragons, do not let it Chuangxia disaster. “Rest assured, never anything happened ah, I heard that baby dragon should eat every three days Xianzhi, spiritual reference, if you want to bring it?” Dragons thrown dragon style smile, Chong Chen South point nodded, then rushed to the vice president of the “babbling” cried. Cursed Chen, vice president of the South, before leaving actually dragons exploitation College, medicinal herbs. He knew dragons temperament, well aware of this matter shirk However, he reluctantly went to the dragon over-the-counter and walked Road: “You wait a minute.” Three dragon’s back nine looked lovely dragons curiosity and surprise, the dragons seems extremely general and Chen Nan, which made them is envy and jealousy. Envy Dragon Dance is simply incredible, she could not help but open asked: “scum you in the end to small Shenglong irrigation magic potion, how it be so dependent?” Chen Nan Hey smiles: “This is called charisma, good character, even the dragon like. “Dragon Dance smiles:” Peipei Pei, say you fat you breath on the fast said the final analysis, how is it, or else you take to persuade one to persuade dragons, it followed me, I Baozhun not ill-treat it.
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