Tomb of God _130

His remark consternation of onlookers, the crowd absolutely did not think he would make such a request. Oriental Phoenix but magic prodigy was the hearts softened named College one of six stunning beauty, so that one day of the arrogant woman to make such a request does more than kill her also excessive. OTC condemning came, both men and women of extreme resentment Chen Nan, many magician floats in the air, many weapons were clenched their weapons, ready to hit Chen Nan. Oriental Phoenix gas Jiaoqu shiver, pointing to his wand, said: “I must kill you!” “You’re going to kill not for me, it really give me as a maid?” Chen Nan, then Oriental Phoenix is ​​not only so fast distraught to continue to make a fist with the edge of the little princess, she remembered the maid to develop plans “Not long ago, Chen Nan constantly introduced to her, which made her heart Xiunu endless. Oriental Phoenix hate channel: “You’re dreaming, die!” She waved a magic wand, light incantations of a large gleaming ice pick whistling away to the south-chen. Chen Nan slightest chances, right fist punching a blazing golden light appeared in front of his crushed ice picks, and finally into steaming white mist dissipated in the air. He take a step back and said: “Wait a minute, you bet in the end what is?” Oriental Phoenix at this time was in a rage, Nu Sheng said: “As long as you have the ability to win me, what kind of bets can be.” Chen Nan Haha large smiles: “Well,” he shouted at onlookers crowd and said: “You have heard of it, if I win the East Phoenix, she will give me a month’s maid.” over-the-counter uproar, the curse of the voices . Oriental Phoenix cast Fengxiang surgery quickly rose in the air, her eyes almost emit fire, her teeth: “scum you go to hell.” She began to read the spell, the magical elements of the air continue to gather her. Vice-President and Oriental elderly Moving on Shenglong talked about the confrontation of the four colleges in the three months after the contest, Just then a burst of rapid knock on the door interrupted their conversation. “Come in” panic a girl pushed open the door, said: “Dean of bad, life and death, war and the scum of Oriental Phoenix sister school in college entrance.” Oriental elderly Teng suddenly stood up, urgent voice said: “What’s going on?” girl to see Oriental Phoenix Grandpa here, quickly said: “Oriental teacher, you go faster, the Phoenix sister school if lost, will scum to do a month’s maid.” Associate Dean said: “The girl grew up feisty and fierce temper some. Oriental old kid go see it, or maybe your granddaughter really give people do maid out.” Oriental elderly “whoosh” sound from house flashed out, the speed approaching the extreme, and instantly disappeared. When he went to college at the gate, where surrounded by hundreds of people, live voices, a hustle. Oriental Phoenix suspended in the air, around her magic element fluctuations unusually strong, she has assembled to enough magical energy, launch magical attacks upcoming Chen Nan,burberry outlet online. Eastern elderly quickly through the crowd squeezed into the field, directed air Oriental Phoenix shouted: “Phoenix fast to stop,toms outlet.
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