Tomb of God _1018

Suddenly, Chen Nan keen to capture a hint of exotic fluctuations,toms outlet, he suddenly waved Qinlong hand, through the heavy gold objects, and grabbed the huge golden palm over the weapons, sharp long knife, gleaming sword see at a glance is magic Baoren, but Chen Nan found that the Sibo action is not these weapons through the issue, he knows that here may be in possession of the treasures he really. The riffraff Longfei over, shouted: “also said no treasure these magic weapon than you’ve Fangtianhuaji, worse than go the few swords absolute human Baoren few God soldiers absolutely come from the the weapons guru’s masterpiece, but Chen Nan simply do not have access in the West had his dream can children plot against poisoning, falling cliff Fangtianhuaji falling in the river water, simply did not go to restore his memory to find. Now, the same times the weapons front of us, no temptation for him. Chen Nan waving Qinlong hand, are pushed to the front of the treasure on both sides, he walked toward the depths of the Kwu Tung, Qinlong hand illusion made huge golden light palm constantly interspersed with these treasures. “Crashed” in Kwu Tung deepest, the huge gap in light palm fall numerous gold objects Finally, only a palm-sized flakes, to stay in a great light hands. This thing whole body was dark blue, like gold non dilapidated wood-like non-wood, covered in cracks, as if at any time crushing general, and through the issue of an ancient, desolate atmosphere, a look that is a super antique . Chen Nan to it, held it in his hand, looked carefully, he felt very strange, sensitive to the fluctuations of the flakes are so far in the distance, but what sense now hold in your hand. Sheet of non-payment of non-wood, do not know what material above the original carved with some of the old patterns, but suffered later do not know what kind of damage, a rift appears about to drowned out those patterns , has been unable to see its texture. “Ow ow … laughable dragon kid you not fancy piece of tattered it? This I found in the other end Yinlong the treasures pile ancient Dragon Kwan Tak daughter did not expect so stingy, even this break master could not bear to throw away, thrown after I found the deepest in this cave. “” Are you sure this is a broken plank? “Chen Nan asked. Purple Dragon grasping the past weigh a bit, said: “It seems not, ah, you should not have been in the past thousands of years, if it is broken planks, has long been the decayed Hey, really quirky ah, in the end is what material it? “Chen Nan this piece tilting from the new pick up in the past, turned over to tune past the look, feel more and more familiar, he asked riffraff Long, said:” You said the other end Yinlong ancient Dragon Kwan Tak’s daughter? ” “ah, how?” Chen Nan said: “I feel this flap has a very long history, I think that is not gon Tak gave his daughter what special treasures?” Ow ow …… ha ha … … laughable Long tattered also treasures? Dragon uncle breathe, to blow it broken, you look at the above criss-cross, the less there are hundreds of rift, may at any time break anymore. “the Purple Dragon scoffed. “Yeah, you come and play on the see.” Chen Nan yo you two fingers tucked a piece of flakes of the iceberg, said: “You can also use to think the conquering of God Alondra try,toms for cheap.” “Are you kidding? “Purple Dragon says, but unceremoniously outstretched claws, hard knock on the sheet.
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