South Korea government building burned a man died after the death

China news agency Beijing on October 14, Seoul news: south Korean police confirmed that a 61 – year – old Korea man in the local time to 14 in the Seoul government building arson, then killed jump. 

The Associated Press reported that the man that day afternoon at the building 18 layers of education of science and technology in the office with lighter light paper, intention arson, then jump out of the window. But AFP news says he buildings to throwing firebombs. Another news quoted witnesses as saying that the man broke into the education of science and technology office, toss out “do not know for what” thing, will desk and files of desk and chair next to the light.
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South Korean police said, the fire was soon put out, did not cause loss. Arson man was taken to the hospital soon die, who was not identified and arson motives.

A source says, arson man wearing a chest building access documents, but not education of science and technology staff. AFP report says it for building maintainer.

Crow event building is South Korea two major government building, one of South Korea’s unification ministry, public management and security, education of science and technology and so on all in this office.

Ap pointed out that in 2008, a 69 – year – old man because for many years to the domestic dispute discontent, arson burned down South Korea’s national treasure the gate of exalted (also called southgate), shocked the national.

AFP report also pointed out that South Korea is one of the world’s highest suicide rate is one of the countries. In 2009, the country out of every 100000 people with 33.8 suicide. (out)

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