Per capita 190000 Australian jin the richest man in the world Australia daily reported, nike free run   according to the Credit Suisse Group (Credit Suisse Group AG) according to a new survey, Australia’s per capita wealth level in the global ahead, the asia-pacific region also replace Europe become the new world gathering wealth. nike free run running

Credit suisse issued a fortune global report, cheap nike free run   Australian adults average wealth level to reach $190000 in 216, a survey countries take the rag off. Wealth report points out, with fertile land, sparse crowds, rich natural resources and high housing price, Australia to more than 100000 yuan per capita wealth a deep, this wealth level is also the global average of 8 times.

The report also pointed out that this year the global gross household wealth fell 5.2%, to $223 trillion, is 2008 years financial tsunami for the first time since the fall. nike free run 2 European sovereign debt crisis makes the euro area’s family in the past year suffered huge losses of $10.9 trillion. cheap nike free

The slowdown in global economic growth force the United States, Europe and China’s policymakers in 2012 take positive stimulus strategies to boost economic growth.

The reserve bank of Australia CEO Stevens (Glenn Stevens) also from last November to reduce the degree of occur when the officer to stimulate Australia consumption,   boost the mineral industry growth, nike free  at present the market worries about Australia’s mining boom I’m afraid will touch the top earlier than expected. (starting son station: business in Australia and debut station) best nike free run

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