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img201207091441360.jpgimg201207091441360.jpgMonsterbeats headphones sound headphones, the sounds of nature often accompanied by ear.From the detail view, DT990 PRO show beyerdynamic style, high frequency is more balanced, not as AKG K701 relaxation, open a little tight style and good density in the performance of the string has a unique style, mainly the sound is more solid, the intensity is greater, sound slightly colder more rigid and the amp audio and settings are specific instructions below.] Resolving power than K701, HD650 are somewhat less sense of lack of air is rich enough level, high-frequency transient performance is slightly weaker. Larger dynamic, the DT990 PRO high-frequency performance than the K701 slightly better, sounds gorgeous and smooth, while the K701 is more open and relaxation, the details of the more prominent. Significantly different compared and HD650, DT990 PRO style it seems the neutral Shaopian cold, the HD650 is slightly rounded warmer. Of course, DT990 PRO high-frequency heard by many users may not be so different because of the sound source and amp with specific instructions below. Compared with DT880 600 ohms, the DT990 PRO high frequency style is similar, but lower impedance it showed better dynamic with HP11 amp sound more vibrant. Monster sound headphones, the sounds of nature often accompanied by ear.

Monstermonster beats sound headphones, move in with me.DT990 PRO IF more test amp driving force and match in with Lehman amp, IF will seem obvious soft male voice performance even some depression, the performance of the music of the symphony and other large preparation, not loose, but there is no momentum at all. While the in HP11 next, in order to get a fuller thick midrange and better dynamic, Gain and Feedback can be appropriately increased. However, in order to be consistent, we set in the position of 3/2. DT990 PRO IF, in the description of many users that is beyerdynamic thick. The from we audition view, with a sufficient number of suitable ear down, indeed more full vocal style neutral dynamic than the 600 ohm DT880 slightly better. But it sounds not the HD650 so thick, and certainly not the style of the HD650. Compared with K701, DT990 PRO is not as light, sound will become more thick, but it seems to be slightly harder coolish. Overall, the sound than the K701 is slightly thicker, but more restrained, more general dynamic performance. The DT990 PRO IF, better resolving power, male performance better than in the low-frequency part of the more feeling in the more full, but from low frequency to start, DT880 resolving power performance becomes less than ideal. Monster sound headphones, move in with me.

Monster Cheap headphones salesound headphones, the sound is always so wonderful.If DT990 PRO IF thick and full, may be associated with it in the sense of the amount of the low-frequency part of the ones, but this is part of the sound quality is poor.Compared with the 600 ohm version of the DT880, DT990 PRO IF more full, dynamic slightly better [speculated that with the close to 250 ohm version of the DT880], do not have the DT880 the kind of voice becomes very far from feeling prepared symphony, but the entire The sound field is still being squeezed sense. Its sound field is more open than the HD650, but to be more narrow than the K701 than K701 slightly dry sound some of the more full and thick, IF section. The K701 better in the low-frequency part of the dynamic, sound more dense. Large dynamic performance, HD650 is more thick, large dynamic performance is more powerful, DT990 PRO light side, compared with the K701 slightly better. Resolving power and detail, DT990 PRO K701, HD650 weaker. Many say that the DT990 PRO is specifically designed for low-frequency monitor low frequency components more music from our audition this argument may not be established unless beyerdynamic really going to pursue this there is no quality of low-frequency . Monster sound headphones, the sound is always so wonderful.

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